Leader in
Commercial Landscaping
in Quebec

Our experts at Services Paysagers Dominique Filion have been proudly serving businesses, institutions and communities for 30 years. 

From conception to maintenance, our team takes charge of your strategic and environmental projects from A to Z, ensuring their durability and your satisfaction.

Creating awe-inspiring
common spaces for
condominiums and communities
For condominiums and communities, Services Paysagers Dominique Filion designs green, welcoming spaces that transcend mere aesthetics to create vibrant, well-managed shared living spaces that enrich residents' daily lives.
Judiciously and elegantly designed common spaces will reflect the high standing and prestige of your complex while enhancing the quality of life offered to your community.

Our specialized landscaping teams work with condominium associations or committees to maintain and transform courtyards, gardens and other shared spaces into true havens of tranquility and relaxation.

We offer sustainable and ecological solutions, from innovative designs to seasonal maintenance, ensuring that the value of your property continues to grow, 365 days a year, without service interruption (snow removal included!).

Choosing Services Paysagers Dominique Filion means opting for peace of mind. We are a trusted partner who guarantees impeccable, environmentally-friendly creations that enhance the well-being of residents and beautify your estate’s surroundings. We would be honored to join your collective project, breathe life into your landscape, and maintain it in line with your investment and operating budgets.
Condominiums and communities
Condominiums and communities
Creating stunning
work environments
Services Paysagers Dominique Filion offers landscaping solutions for commercial and industrial businesses that seamlessly integrate functionality and aesthetics. Our goal is to enhance your workspace in harmony with existing architecture and all emerging environmental standards. We pride ourselves on creating exceptional outdoor settings that are a reflection of your brand, adapting our services to your unique business environment while offering a wide range of quality products including trees, perennials, concrete products and garden installations to beautify your outdoor spaces.
Our long-term partnership model enables our valued customers to have their external assets elegantly and cost-effectively enhanced and maintained throughout the whole year.
Commercial and Industrial
Commercial and Industrial
A+ for creating
vibrant school environments
The experts at Services Paysagers Dominique Filion are dedicated to enriching the environment of public institutions - such as schools - by creating outdoor spaces adapted to educational dynamics that will support the well-being of their end-users.

By combining green spaces with sustainable infrastructures, we create places that are not only conducive to learning, but also to recreational activities. Our services include the design, execution, and maintenance of landscapes, in line with the environmental ethos, and the unique pace and rhythm of educational institutions. Our long-term partnership model guarantees the durability and adaptability of landscapes over time. Our services are cost-optimized and highly reliable, owing to the large number of full-time employees who work on Dominique Filion's behalf.
Institutions and schools
Institutions and schools
Sustainable Urban Living
The specialists at Services Paysagers Dominique Filion regularly collaborate with municipalities and cities to create infrastructures and green spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our involvement with municipalities and cities has been diverse, but has always placed the citizen and sustainable development at its forefront. A few examples include the development of eco-friendly bicycle paths, the integration of well-thought-out urban green spaces that support the local ecosystem, the improvement of access to schools, shops or cultural and entertainment spaces.

We also propose alternatives to asphalt sidewalks to reduce urban heat and improve water management, particularly in parking lots. Our aim is to offer a cohesive and harmonious design for parks and green spaces, providing a holistic and sustainable vision for outdoor landscaping.

In partnership with Les experts des Services Paysagers Dominique Filion, cities and municipalities can aim for a world in which sustainable development is not a distant ideal, but a tangible, everyday reality. Our unparalleled service management, expertise in sustainable development and respect for budgets and deadlines have earned us a solid reputation over the years.
Cities and municipalities
Cities and municipalities
Landscape Maintenance
When it comes to commercial landscape maintenance, over the past 30 years we've developed lasting, trust-based business relationships with companies, municipalities and building managers. We firmly believe that our customized maintenance programs, dedicated employees and expertise are a guarantee of quality and will meet your multiple needs.

We take the time to plan maintenance services with you, and we also offer a turnkey, medium- or long-term revitalization plan to ensure an inviting, verdant, radiant, safe and clean environment at all times.
Landscaping maintenance
Landscaping maintenance
Commercial Snow Removal
Leveraging our qualified personnel, tractors and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide comprehensive snow removal services for businesses, condominiums and multi-unit buildings in: Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, McMasterville and Beloeil, near Wilfrid Laurier Boulevard.

- First run at 6:00 a.m. upon accumulation of 5cm of snow.
- Express service
- Knowledgeable and experienced personnel
- Adapted equipment
- Daily recall service

Snow Removal Services
Snow Removal Services

Humaniti condo before and after

Sowing today
to harvest tomorrow
Our dedication expands far beyond our valuable partners and customers to encompass nature and future generations. All our projects are designed and executed with the utmost commitment to sustainable development principles.
Proud recipient of the industry’s
most prestigious awards
Our firm has earned some of the industry's most prestigious accreditations, including the Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du Québec (APPQ), and the Maître Paysagiste certification. Additionally, our installation teams are ICPI and NCMA attested. These certifications impose strict standards to ensure the durability and quality of our creations. All our work meets and exceeds the standards of the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ)