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In the heart of Montreal

Boasting an impressive view of downtown Montreal, this large rooftop terrace offers multiple outdoor living spaces in which to relax. The materials chosen are well suited to the constraints of this environment, such as the porcelain slabs that replace the concrete ones, the shallow-rooted plants and the synthetic lawn carpet.
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Expanded Home Comfort

APPQ Winners
Our landscape architects employed a wealth of creativity to optimize every inch of this urban courtyard. The fireplace area with its exquisitely furnished outdoor sofas invites you to unwind and relax after a delicious meal or a refreshing spa treatment. The delicate vegetal and floral arrangements along the walls and the touches of lemon yellow brighten up the enclosed space.

The magic of before and especially after

APPQ metamorphosis winners
With its rugged terrain on the outskirts of Mont Saint-Hilaire, this new construction, located in the heart of the mountain, meets a number of topographical challenges. Every space is optimized, such as the relaxation area under the staircase, offering a breathtaking view of the wooded terrain. A self-supporting swimming pool at the lowest level of the grounds adds depth, as does a terrace adjacent to the garden level. Well-dosed ambient lighting enhances the stonework and plants to give a warm touch to the entire facade.

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