Elegant entrance to an English-style home

An open door to refinement

Right from the front door of this English cottage, the architect emphasized simplicity and elegance, drawing inspiration from the marquee above the main door. The harmonious combination of wrought-iron railing, low wall, concrete slabs and clean planting creates a perfect balance. The classic style is revealed through its pure lines and plant palette in shades of green and white. This garden in the heart of Outremont is a refined and sophisticated façade, embodying the timeless charm of this unique residence.

Eye-catching gateway

Eye-catching gateway

Taking into account the existence of a mature tree, excavation near the trunk was limited in order to preserve its roots. A prefabricated low-wall entrance landing was built to replace the original, heavily damaged concrete balcony. The main objective was to maximize the space created, while taking great care to preserve the health of the tree.

Noble materials for a noble home

A specially designed wrought-iron balustrade, inspired by the marquee, brings a unique elegance to this residence.The soothing palette of white and green, represented by the plants, creates a serene atmosphere that stands out against the red brick background. The marriage of materials, shapes and colors results in a refined aesthetic, where each element blends harmoniously to sublimate the residential environment.

The magic of before and especially after

Inhabiting the outdoors, living in space

The thoughtful incorporation of climbing plants and decorative pots brings a natural elegance to the space, softening both the house's siding and the main staircase. The sidewalk leading directly to the street facilitates the circulation of visitors, especially given the narrow parking area that is shared with the neighbor. This well thought-out design harmonizes functionality and aesthetics, creating a welcoming, flowing atmosphere for guests, while underlining the property's refinement.