An invitation to let time go by

The design of this site emphasizes verticality, conveying a sober, enveloping ambience. The softly textured plants and materials harmonize with the imposing garage and the torrefied wood house. Large, ingeniously placed flagstones enhance the graceful elegance of the entrance and back terrace, perfectly matching the scale of the site. This area is ideal for convivial get-togethers with family and friends, and requires little maintenance to enjoy the fine weather to the utmost.

Small space, big outcome

Small space, big outcome

Implementing a fence required ingenuity due to the mature tree of the neighbor, located practically at the property line. The neighbors’ proximity, with an imposing red brick wall and windows overlooking our client’s property, inspired the strategic incorporation of evergreens to establish a permanent visual screen. We recommended the adoption of large-format pavers for the garage access at the back of the courtyard, with light shades to mitigate the heat island created by the concrete. A playful approach to perspective was adopted to visually enhance this outdoor living space.

Elegance through quality

The quality of the materials is reflected in the use of large, oversized paving slabs, carefully selected for the parking area and dining terrace. A subtle contrast is orchestrated between the light hue of the paving and the dark tone of the garage and property, bringing luminosity and sophistication. This meticulous selection creates a harmonious visual effect, highlighting each element while ensuring a refined, balanced aesthetic for the entire outdoor space.

The magic of before and especially after

Inhabiting the outdoors, living in space

Outdoor living becomes a fulfilling living experience in an environment carefully created to please the guest. A combination of wooden fencing and carefully chosen vegetation creates an enveloping sensation, inviting relaxation. Diffused luminosity comes to the fore, illuminating every corner of this outdoor space. All these elements converge to accentuate the new construction, underlining its distinctive identity.