Heritage contrast on a mountainside - Montreal, Westmount
Our Ever-Expanding Passion for the Patrimony

Heritage contrast on a mountainside - Montreal, Westmount

Located in a heritage area in the heart of Montreal, this development had to contend with a steep terrain. The customer wanted to maximize his land and take advantage of the unique environment. Wanting a relaxing space with a water feature, the landscape architect combined ingenuity and skill to set a pool on the rock of Mount Royal. The mix of natural stone and metal screen blends perfectly with the heritage ambiance of the fieldstone wall. Shades of green and white underline the elegance of the design. The glass fence adds transparency to this unique garden!

A mountain of challenges brilliantly met.

The idea was to design a large garden in a small space and include a pool, dining area, lounge area and intimate space. Situated in a heritage zone and on a hilly site, the residence has a fairly narrow side yard with a significant gradient. We therefore had to rework the terrain using a combination of geogrids, wooden sleepers and geotextile membranes, as well as adding sand to create a safe, gently sloping passageway. The sloping terrain required major excavation work to install the freestanding pool, and we had to consolidate the ground by planting vegetation, among other things.

A perfect harmony of materials and vegetation

The beauty of the area and the residence had to be reflected in the choice of materials and plants. In this project, quality materials were used, such as natural stone, glass for the railing and aluminum for the screen. The plant composition, with its mix of textures and shades of green and white, completes the whole to create a perfect unity. In addition, to reduce soil erosion next to the pool, a coconut fiber mat was installed, along with vegetation with an excellent, robust root system.

The magic of before and especially after

An intelligently expanded living experience.

In this project, we wanted to think big despite a relatively small yard by optimizing every square foot. As the courtyard is wider than it is deep, we created distinct yet complementary living spaces that form a uniform whole. The atmosphere is intimate, soothing and enveloping, with the presence and enhancement of the mature trees that encircle the property, all in the heart of Montreal.