The Blue House

Enhancing beauty

This is the “Maison Henry-Poirier”, built in 1865 facing the Richelieu River. The lighting concept for this heritage residence is a celebration of its charm and architectural beauty. The objective was to create a soothing, serene illumination that subtly embraced the entire grounds.

The lighting designer has carefully selected a unique range of copper and brass lamps, sourced from a Quebec-based company. To instill an enveloping ambience, supporting elements, such as the cedar hedge behind the pool, were delicately highlighted. Emblematic pieces, such as the Buddha sculpture, illuminated as a focal point, add a powerful touch to the whole.

Careful not to disturb the tranquility of the neighbors, the lighting designer allowed the trees on the adjacent lots to reveal themselves, contributing to a feeling of spaciousness and openness

Enlightening solutions

Enlightening solutions

Working with the existing landscaping, we ensured that natural beauty was preserved while functionality was enhanced. A harmonious approach was adopted, limiting any rivalry with surrounding outdoor lights, including street lamps and neighbors’ lighting.

Our lighting design focuses on highlighting living spaces, such as the dining and lounging areas, while ensuring pathway safety and elegantly illuminating the residence. By adding artistic shadow play to the floor, we infused a visually captivating atmosphere, elevating the outdoor experience to a higher aesthetic level. This thoughtful approach transcends simple functionality to offer night-time illumination that fuses harmoniously with its surroundings.

Spotlighting quality

For this project, we favored the use of durable materials such as copper and brass, well-known for their exceptional quality and durability. We chose timeless products, transcending ephemeral trends to offer an aesthetic that stands the test of time. By focusing on these principles, we aim to create elegant landscaping while promoting eco-responsible purchasing.

Magic by day and by night

Inhabiting the outdoors, living in space

Highlighting the building's architecture and landscaping, our design creates an inviting atmosphere, blending aesthetics with energy savings while enhancing every space. Our attention to detail invites the guests to admire and contemplate each illuminated element.