Conquering living spaces.Modern Comfort. Saint-Lambert.

Modern Comfort. Saint-Lambert.

The brief for this landscaping project was to allow the owners to fully enjoy the pleasures of the backyard by creating large spaces around the pool to welcome family and friends. Linearity, large slabs and a choice of plants and textures set the tone for this contemporary project, while the furnishings invite relaxation.

Landscaping the dreams.

A number of challenges had to be overcome before the dream could become reality… We had to take into account all the customer’s wishes for his dream backyard: in-ground pool, BBQ island, custom cabana, Ipé wood balcony, fireplace and spa area, cedar fence for privacy, heated paver zone, home automation, low-voltage lighting, irrigation and square slabs laid at right angles to the house and pool. To achieve this, we had to manage and work in tandem with a number of different suppliers during the construction phase. In addition to our outstanding construction team, our carpenters were able to create a custom cabana, work Ipé wood for the balconies and contribute to the execution of the BBQ island. We also had to respect the percentage of green space in the layout to meet the established ratio of inert materials versus planting areas/lawn.

Warm materials for a warm atmosphere.

The choice of materials and plants was paramount in creating a uniform, convivial space. We opted for the nobility of cedar and Ipé wood, combined with the ambience of low-voltage lighting and the modernity of aluminum pots to create a warm feel to the whole. For the green aspect of the courtyard and its harmonization with the building, our architect opted for planting perennials, shrubs, conifers, trees and ground cover to reduce the amount of water used in the landscaping.

The magic of before and especially after

Living outdoors 365 days a year.

Making the most of every moment, 365 days a year, is what this project is all about. To achieve this, we opted for heated pavers, a gas fireplace, a year-round spa and a BBQ island to bring warmth, literally and figuratively, to the design. Ambient lighting provides an enveloping effect while emphasizing the architectural elements of the project.