The nest
within the canopy

Peace...of mind

In this enclosed space, surrounded by a fence and a garage, an intimate project unfolds. Each element intertwines to define a space that is both welcoming and singular, where the natural and built elements work hand in hand to create a cocooned atmosphere.

Building solutions, creating perfection

Building solutions, creating perfection

In the small courtyard of Outremont in Montreal, this project faces challenges of accessibility and a limited excavation by mature trees. Strict regulations imposed constraints, adding further complexity. The creativity of our team of landscape architects is put to contribution in this Montreal courtyard to maximize the restricted space by integrating vegetation adapted to the particular urban conditions.

Enlightened thinking for optimum effect

A naturalness-focused approach drives this project, using materials such as hemlock for the pergola and local lighting products. The existing fence and the red-brick cladding of the garage and neighboring building are highlighted with sober, appropriate lighting, emphasizing the authenticity of the elements. Vertical lighting along the walls emphasizes the depth effect, drawing visitors into the lounge area.

Magic by day and by night

Inhabiting the outdoors, living in space

At the heart of this area, a relaxation cocoon emerges, offering a veritable haven, where every detail contributes to an immersive experience, bringing nature and habitat together in a soothing symbiosis. The duality between the natural and the artificial unfolds, while elements are carefully integrated to bring intimacy and warmth into the space.