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A garden for your penthouse. 7th Heaven - Montreal, Griffintown.

Boasting an impressive view of downtown Montreal, this large rooftop terrace offers multiple outdoor living spaces in which to relax. The materials chosen are well suited to the constraints of this environment, such as the porcelain slabs that replace the concrete ones, the shallow-rooted plants and the synthetic lawn carpet.

The relaxation area

Living on the roof

Life is sweet and simple on this roof, but getting there wasn’t so easy. This project presented several challenges. First and foremost, Board approval is a crucial step. Once the design stages have been finalized, it is necessary to obtain the necessary permits to occupy the public highway before starting work. On the management side, we had to coordinate all the teams (carpentry, construction, planting and lighting). In addition, it’s important to plan the transportation of materials. In this case, we had to use the elevator and fire escape. For the project itself, the challenges were to create a private, out-of-sight area for entertaining friends and family, and to add points of shade. We also had to take account of wind corridors when anchoring the structures, and find water management solutions for the planting areas.

Exceptional aesthetics

Quality materials for a straightforward quality of life. It was with this in mind that we approached the project. To make the design as spectacular and unique as the view it offers of the city center, we opted for quality materials suited to our climate, such as porcelain, a bioclimatic pergola and aluminum tubs. What’s more, the plants chosen, combined with the light color of the porcelain, help to temper this magnificent roof terrace during periods of intense heat.

The magic of before and especially after.

A natural extension of the living space

We wanted this project to be inhabited by human warmth and aesthetics, and to literally become, for its owners, another room in the residence, summer and winter alike. To achieve this, given the large windows offering a constant view of the terrace, we ensured continuity in the materials used between the interior and exterior to create coherence between the two zones. Relaxation areas sit harmoniously alongside planted areas, inviting relaxation and gatherings.