Humaniti complex

A large human-scale project

Located in the heart of Montreal’s international district, this large-scale project showcases the expertise of our teams. The resulting landscape reflects the architectural boldness of the two buildings. Featuring a central water element, a vast paved area for fluid circulation and rest areas, and inviting rooftop terraces, this landscaping offers a unique cultural and sensorial experience. This innovative design promises to captivate those who venture into the great metropolis, unveiling a creative and contemporary vision of the urban landscape.

Simplifying complexity

Simplifying complexity

The landscaping is based on a sub-base slab, with a noticeable difference in level between de la Gauchetière O and Viger O, requiring backfill to soften the slope. We settled on a backfill of existing material on site, combined with the lightweight addition of insulating panels. A huge planting area was dedicated to the center of the development as well as to the roof terraces, accessible via an elevator. Working closely with a number of different parties was crucial, enabling us to intervene on site at the appropriate time.

The urban nature of materials

The selection of materials and plants is carefully adapted to the specific conditions of the site, which is built on a subgrade slab. The bespoke design of a monolithic step reflects our commitment to harmonizing the design with the topography, reflecting our dedication to sustainability, aesthetics and the seamless integration of elements into the landscape. The ordering of substantial quantities of pavers and plants from local suppliers bears witness to our commitment to both quality and community collaboration

The magic of before and especially after


In the heart of Montreal, between the Quartier des spectacles and Old Montreal, a convivial, unifying area has come to life. Spacious terraces overlook the shops, creating an independent mini-community where businesses, condos and hotels cohabit harmoniously on the same site. This unique urban development offers a lively atmosphere and an immersive experience, fusing the elements of dynamic city life in a welcoming, multifunctional environment