on the river

The river as part of the backyard

The owner expressed a desire to develop his property while preserving the river view. With this in mind, we intervened in the natural slope of the land by redesigning the terrace with a pavilion, a flight of steps and riprap leading to the swimming pool. The pool was harmoniously blended into the design, featuring a custom-made semi-circular pergola. Country plantings were carefully placed to complement the aesthetics of the heritage residence, creating a coherent and welcoming environment.

Spectacular view, spectacular solutions

Spectacular view, spectacular solutions

Strategically located, the property offers convenient access through an adjacent street. At the foot of the slope, a self-supporting pool with a deep central section, sustained by guillotined natural stones, was designed. Moderating the steep slope allowed the creation of a transition zone, incorporating boulders and monolithic natural stone steps between the residence and the new pool. The custom-made pergola, with its curved shape, bears witness to the remarkable talent of our carpenters.

Aesthetics and durability in tune with nature

Environmental responsibility guides our choice of materials, emphasizing natural stone for its durability and cedar for its noble nature. In this way, our approach integrates responsible and sustainable materials, combining aesthetics and quality, to create outdoor spaces that are both prestigious and environment-friendly.

The magic of before and especially after

Inhabiting the outdoors, living in space

The grassy knoll gave way to a prestigious landscape, framed by mature trees. The harmonious integration of a swimming pool met the challenge of levelling the ground. The terrace, aligned with the rounded wooden pergola, offers unparalleled elegance and refined shade. An ideal location to savor the unobstructed view of the majestic St. Lawrence River, this outdoor space embodies subtle luxury and intimacy with nature.