The Blue House


This lighting design spotlights the architecture of this historic home. The «Henry-Poirier» house was built in 1865 on the banks of the Richelieu river. The goal was to conceive a soft, soothing lighting design enveloping all of the client’s landscape, and even borrowing views beyond it.

In order to create a uniform effect, and in keeping with the home’s architectural style, the lighting designer employed a single range of locally sourced, quality copper and brass lamps. By highlighting elements that play a supporting role, like the cedar hedge behind the pool, the lighting washes the landscape in a warm glow. Spotlighting focal points, such as the Buddha sculpture, enhances the power of the whole composition.

The designer even lit the trees of the adjacent lots – while taking great care not to blind the neighbors. The trees’ structure emerges out of the darkness, expanding the space and contributing to the overall impact of the lighting design.