Our Ever-Expanding Commitment to Ingenuity. Maximizing potential.Wall to Wall.

Wall to Wall. Montreal.

Our landscape architects have deployed a wealth of creativity to make the most of every inch of this urban courtyard. The fireplace area, with its outdoor sofas, invites you to relax after a meal or a spa session. Planted areas along the walls and touches of lemon yellow brighten up the enclosed space.

Big ideas for small spaces.

Maximizing the potential of a small space brings great challenges. We had to deal with a space hemmed in between the walls of neighboring buildings, and a 6-foot access was our only option for getting in. Our fit-out and carpentry teams came up with tailor-made solutions to make the project a success. Water management was a crucial aspect of our layout. The linear gutter, redirected to a dry well, blends in perfectly with the proposed paver design. In addition, we had to preserve access to the basement by integrating doors into the composite balcony. We also had to respect the green percentage in the landscaping to harmonize the whole.

Wall-to-wall quality materials.

To give this small space a grandiose look, we opted for practical, high-end materials such as composite planks (maintenance-free), prefabricated concrete slabs and cedar wood for the fences surrounding the garden. The cedar wood will age and turn gray over time, adding to the yard’s charm.

The magic of before and especially after

Make room for wonder.

The idea behind this project was to literally create an outdoor annex to the residence, to make it a convivial place where aesthetics come first. Vegetation interwoven with paving design illustrates an elegant duality. The choice of plants, with their texture and different shades of green, offers occupants a harmonious and spectacular look.